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Based on the Substrate framework, TrustBase independently developed the Subscript smart contract language (specially designed for the substrate) to create a new generation of high-performance WASM smart contract platform built on Polkadot.

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PCL Reward Details:

TrustBase supporters borrow the DOT token from the TrustBase chain council and bid for the Polkadot slot.

All supporters who participate in crowdfunding investments can obtain independent TrustBase investment income. The TrustBase vault will reserve corresponding funds and issue TrustBase token rewards to crowdfunding supporters according to the DOT lock time.

The funds of the TrustBase vault come from: part of the transaction fees, Slash funds, DAO distribution (1 billion TBEs), foundation donations, and validator donations.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution:

50% - Miner incentives (500,000,000 TBE)
20% - Private placement (200,000,000 TBE)
15% - Founding team (150,000,000 TBE)
10% - DAO (100,000,000 TBE)
5% - Validator node pledge (50,000,000 TBE)

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