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Phala Network guarantees the reliable execution of smart contracts while keeping the data private. Confidential contracts run in miner nodes with Trusted Computing capable hardwares, which guarantees the secrecy of the contract data.

Profile Completion:
(% of auctions metrics completed)

50 %

Auction Token Metrics

PCL Token Allocation:
(% of total supply allocated for crowdloan)

6.3 %

Circulating Supply:
(at time of parachain launch)

To be determined

Total Supply:


Listed Price:

$ 0.760278

Auction Reward:
(No. of tokens allocated for parachain crowdloan)


Reward Vesting Schedule:

To be determined

Initial Reward Release:
(at time of parachain launch)

To be determined

Initial Reward/ Circ.Supply:
(initial reward release as % of circulating supply)

To be determined

Leasing Period:


PCL Reward Details:

Rewards will be averagely distribute in PHA according to the ratio of DOTs / the total amount of DOTs locked for Phala.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution:

70% - Mining (700,000,000 PHA)
15% - Private sale (150,000,000 PHA)
9% - Polka-ecosystem airdrop (90,000,000 PHA)
5% - Team (50,000,000 PHA)
1% - Community (10,000,000 PHA)

Private Sale Blended Price:

$ 0.01

Private Sale Detail:

Seed: $0.01
Private: $0.01
60% of private sale will be unlocked at mainnet launch and 20% unlocked every 6 months following.


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