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Moonbeam is the easiest on-ramp to build an app on Polkadot. As an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform, Moonbeam makes it easy to use popular Ethereum developer tools to build Solidity projects in a Substrate-based environment. Unmatched Ethereum compatibility:
- Minimal Changes: existing smart contracts work right away
- Familiar Dev Languages: anything that compiles to Solidity
- Existing Tools: use MetaMask, Remix, Truffle or Web3.Js/Ethers.Js
- Unified Accounts: existing Ethereum accounts and signatures

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Reward Vesting Schedule:

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Token Distribution

Token Distribution:

16% Public Sale (1,600,000 GLMR)
14% Seed Funding (1,400,000 GLMR)
10% Strategic Sale (1,000,000 GLMR)

19% Long-Term Protocol & Ecosystem Development (1,900,000 GLMR)
15% Parachain Bond Funding (1,500,000 GLMR)
4.5% Developer Adoption Program (450,000 GLMR)
0.5% Parachain Bond Reserve (50,000 GLMR)
0.5% Treasury (50,000 GLMR)

10% Founders and Early Employees (1,000,000 GLMR)
4.5% Key Partners & Advisors (450,000 GLMR)
4.6% Future Employee Incentives (460,000 GLMR)
1.4% PureStake Early Backers (140,000 GLMR)

Private Sale Blended Price:

To be determined

Private Sale Detail:

Seed: $1.00 per GLMR

Seed round raised $1.4million (14% of tokens) at a valuation of 10 million USD. Seed round is Subject to 24-month vesting schedule with a 3-month cliff and equal vesting in months 4–24.

There is expected to be a strategic sale (12 month vesting & 2 month cliff) for 10% of tokens and a subsequent public sale (40 day lock) for 16% of tokens.


Ecosystem Partnerships: