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Storage Protocol


Crust implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage with adapting to multiple storage layer protocols including IPFS, and provides support for the application layer. At the same time, Crust's architecture also can provide support for a decentralized computing layer to build a distributed cloud ecosystem.

Profile Completion:
(% of auctions metrics completed)

38 %

Auction Token Metrics

PCL Token Allocation:
(% of total supply allocated for crowdloan)

10 %

Circulating Supply:
(at time of parachain launch)


Total Supply:


Listed Price:

$ 25.9

Auction Reward:
(No. of tokens allocated for parachain crowdloan)


Reward Vesting Schedule:

To be determined

Initial Reward Release:
(at time of parachain launch)

To be determined

Initial Reward/ Circ.Supply:
(initial reward release as % of circulating supply)

To be determined

Leasing Period:

To be determined

PCL Reward Details:

Drop for parachain slot comprises 40% of the community development plan which accounts for 2,000,000 CRU.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution:

Distribution of tokens mined at genesis:
25% - Community development (5,000,000 CRU)
10% - Ecological construction/ BD & marketing (2,000,000 CRU)
25% - Institutional investors (5, 000, 000 CRU)
20% - Technical team (4, 000, 000 CRU)
20% - Foundation (4, 000, 000 CRU)

Private Sale Blended Price:

To be determined

Private Sale Detail:

Seed price: $0.50
Seed raise: $500,000 USD
Seed tokens: 1,000, 000

Private round price: $1.00 - $2.00
Private round raise: To be determined
Private round tokens: 2,000,000

- Seed round tokens are fully locked for half a year after the mainnet launch, and will be unlocked linearly over 1.5 years afterward.
- 15% of private round tokens are unlocked, and the remaining 85% are locked. The locked tokens will be linearly unlocked over 1.5 years after mainnet launch.


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