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Clover Finance is a smart contract platform that enables Ethereum developers and projects to migrate their contracts onto Polkadot. Clover has a particular focus on becoming a digital finance portal and DeFi service provider on Polkadot.

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Circulating Supply:
(at time of parachain launch)

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Listed Price:

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(No. of tokens allocated for parachain crowdloan)


Reward Vesting Schedule:

To be determined

Initial Reward Release:
(at time of parachain launch)

To be determined

Initial Reward/ Circ.Supply:
(initial reward release as % of circulating supply)

To be determined

Leasing Period:

To be determined

PCL Reward Details:

To be determined

Token Distribution

Token Distribution:

- 40% Community incentive pool
- 20% Private sale
- 5% Parachain Crowd Loan incentives
- 15% Ecosystem fund
- 15% Team and advisors

There is a 2-year vesting schedule with an 18-month cliff, meaning that the team & advisors will receive no tokens for 18 months and then will receive 1/24 of the total amount per month over the following 24 months.

Private Sale Blended Price:

To be determined

Private Sale Detail:

20 million CLV (25%) will be distributed to private sale investors. 4 million (5%) will be released right after the sale, whilst the remaining 16 million CLV (20%) will be vested with a 1:1 ratio to community incentive release schedule when the Mainnet is launched.


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