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ChainX is committed to Layer 2 expansion and asset gateway research of Bitcoin, well positioned to provide high-performance transaction trusteeship and interoperability among chains in asset transfer.

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13 %

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PCL Token Allocation:
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To be determined

Circulating Supply:
(at time of parachain launch)

To be determined

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$ 4.98

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To be determined

Reward Vesting Schedule:

To be determined

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(at time of parachain launch)

To be determined

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To be determined

Leasing Period:

To be determined

PCL Reward Details:

To be determined

Token Distribution

Token Distribution:

ChainX's mining income goes to four parts: the founding team, the Treasury, PCX mining users and inter-chain asset mining users. The distribution of income can be readjusted with a referendum in future community governance.

- 20% Team
- 16% Treasury
- 57.6% PCX mining
- 6.4% Inter-chain mining

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Not applicable

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There were no private sale or ICO conducted for ChainX.


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